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Ginger Herbal Tea Certified Organic (20 sachets)
Ginger herbal tea  - Certified Organic (20 sachets) Improves circulation ..

Hridya (Heart Tonic) Tea (20 Sachets)
Hridya (Heart tonic) Tea (20 Sachets)  Helps as preventive tonic for heart Promo..

Kapha (Balancing Kapha) Herbal Tea (20 Sachets)
Kapha (Balancing Kapha) herbal tea (20 Sachets) Special tea for balancing kapha To preve..

Medohar (Anti - Obesity) Tea (20 Sachets)
Medohar (Anti - Obesity) Tea (20 Sachets) Helps in natural weight loss Gently ..

Nidrakar  (Sleep Enhance) Herbal Tea (20 sachets)
Nidrakar (Sleep enhance) herbal tea (20 sachets)  Helps to achieve sound sleep witho..

Pachak (Digestive Help) Herbal Tea (20 sachets)
Pachak (Digestive help) herbal tea (20 sachets)   Helps in bloating a..

Pitta (Balancing Pitta) Herbal Tea (20 Sachets)
Pitta (Balancing Pitta) herbal tea (20 Sachets) A delicate mixture of authentic Ayurveda..

Pratishyaya (Cold Relief Tea) Herbal Tea (20 sachets)
Pratishyaya (cold relief tea) herbal tea (20 sachets) Helps to cope with the co..

Rasayana (Rejuvenation) Tea (20 Sachets)
Rasayana (rejuvenation) tea (20 sachets) Helps in optimizing physiolo..

Sandhivata (Joint Help) Herbal Tea (20 sachets)
Sandhivata (Joint help) herbal tea (20 sachets) Natural help in pain, swelling and disab..

Shatavari Kalp With Saffron - Granules
SHATAVARI KALP with SAFFRON  Supports Healthy Female reproductive system Shatavari i..

Shiroshulhar (Migraine Help) Tea (20 sachets)
Shiroshulhar (Migraine help) Tea (20 sachets) Helps to cope with migraine / hea..

Shwas (Breath Ease) Herbal Tea (20 sachets)
Shwas (Breath Ease) herbal tea (20 sachets) As per Ayurveda Helps in strengthen ..

Sundrikalp (Mid - Life changes Help) (20 sachets)
Sundarikalp (Mid - Life change help) tea (20 sachets)  Helps to cope with ..

Tridoshic (Balancing Vata, Pitta, & Kapha) Herbal Tea (20 sachets)
Tridoshic (Balancing Vata, Pitta & Kapha) herbal tea (20 sachets)   A delicat..

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