Hi Gary,

I received the Ruh booty yesterday - I have not gotten excited about receiving a package in a very long time. It was such a pleasure to receive it, open a bottle and inhale that wonderful scent. It arrived just in time too, as I was just reaching the very end of my own bottle. I wanted to say a sincere and heartfelt "Thank you" to you for all of your help. It is (in my opinion) 'magic' in a bottle and absolutely worth the price tag and the international shipping costs.

Thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to help me purchase the Ruh booty. In this day an age, when most purchases are made online and in a very impersonal way it was such a pleasure to be able to ask questions about a product and actually have them answered in such a courteous and accommodating manner.

I am grateful for all of your assistance, and wish you the brightest of blessings.

Thanks again!

Jai Monroe-Lorne.

Dear Garry,

I simply desired to take a moment to say thank you for the purest of products and services that you offer not only to my self but to the world. As you know we originally met some fourteen years ago and I am grateful for that meeting. As I remember it was because of an aroma that I smelled coming from your office, Ruh Booty, I had not experienced that scent since I left the monasteries of Northern India many years ago, it brings such peace to any user. As a monk we were well versed in the use of herbs and I have not found any organization that offers the level of purity that Garry & Sun does and for that I am grateful.

My wife and I both have been using your herbs and oils for all of these years and I must say that at my age my doctors are so pleased at the health that we both have and that I feel your herbs are greatly responsible for that. I look forward to the day that most of the people in the western world learn to understand the Ayurvedic process that keeps optimum balance in our bodies. Your herbs address this area very profoundly as a very balanced physiology promotes optimum health. This is a much better way to go than after the fact where drugs are required. In my mind if any person is seeking idyllic health then they should seek out Garry & Sun and follow the regimen that will be offered. Once again my sincere thanks for all that you do for human kind and their health is the most gracious thing any one may offer.


Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jennifer and before we go into why I believe Gary & Sons is such a wonderful source for herbs and spices of the highest quality I need you to understand why I believe this. I have been struggling with food allergies all my life, when young they made me bouncy, hyper and a little bit rambunctious. As I got older the allergies created acne over my face, back, and arms to the point I could not even wear a dress to my formal dances in high school. As a young adult I had had enough of being sick all of the time and began to search for reasons of my health being so poor even though I could run 25 miles in a day and swim 10 miles in the open ocean. It seemed to me that I was getting weaker not stronger.

I noticed that certain foods caused reactions in my body that started a chain reaction and made me sick, so, I began to seek foods that were nutrient rich, before there was an “organic” name given to foods that weren’t saturated with herbicides and pesticides and headlines were letting the public know how unhealthy the various fast food places were. I found that the “cleaner” the food the better my body responded to it and the more energy I had. The fatigue and general feeling of sluggishness was gone. Understanding this I have had the opportunity to find many companies that were able to provide various healthy alternatives and supplements that have help me to regain my quality of life I have had to search for all my life. Gary & Sons is one of those companies.

I discovered Gary & Sons quite recently actually, 2009, when I found their website. The website was very well done with a plethora of information on various herbs and spices that promote good health and wellbeing. Many of these spices and herbs come from India. The company makes sure that the herbs and spices come from purveyors who make sure that the correct controls of quality and consistency are of the highest standards. Each spice has the correct color, density, texture, and potency desired and required to promote quality and consistency of product to the end user ensuring that they are of the highest nutritional value available.

The company works with its employees to ensure that they take care to treat each individual as a person first, a customer second. What I mean by that is that they listen to you, take the time to hear what you are saying and allowing you to become a participant in your own health. Gary, the man, is a gracious person with vast knowledge of herbs, spices, ayurvedic traditions and modalities. He is very professional in his approach and goes out of his way to make sure you are comfortable and that your privacy is protected.

Perhaps more important is that they have an Ayurvedic Doctor who, when in town form India, will work with you to enhance your wellbeing. This is what makes them unique; they do have the backing, the knowledge, the medical doctor who practices Ayurvedic Medicine, and a genuine concern for the customer. Here is what I have found:

  • They have great customer service
  • They really do care about you as a person
  • They listen and actually hear what you have to say
  • They work with you and make you feel that you matter
  • They allow you to ask questions you need answers for and work with you to get the answers that will actually help you
  • And most importantly, they are genuine in their efforts to help you

With all of that being said, Gary & Sons is the only company that I will consider when buying herbs and spices of quality that I use on a regular daily basis. I do recommend anyone who wishes to regain their quality of life and health to consider contacting Gary & Sons and talk with them and find out for yourself the genuine compassion and caring this company and its employees have for each person that they serve.

To your health and wellbeing,


I am a Practitioner of Ayurveda and have had the opportunity to work closely with Gary and Dr. Kotecha for several years. 
They come twice yearly to  my center in Lincoln, Nebraska and we work together giving Consultations, Pancha Karma  and supporting the community here toward better health and quality of life.  
Both Gary and Dr. Kotecha are very knowledgeable and generous in their work and I've had first hand experience with them to know they are dedicated to providing the best service and the best Ayurvedic products they possibly can. 
I use Garry and Sun's products in my Ayurvedic practice because they are of high quality and very effective in healing my patients.    
I feel Garry and Sun is reliable, a knowledgeable resource and very committed to providing prompt and good service to their customers.  
I wish for Garry and Sun the very best for many years to come!
With Love and Many Blessings, 
Cary Twomey
Practitioner of Ayurveda
Owner, Haymarket Studio
Utpali Ayurved
Lincoln, NE.

Gary & his staff are terrific to work with. I have been taking herbs for many years from Gary.  (9 years) He has helped with everything from energy, skin, female, nerves, sleep issues & more.  I have been in good hands & staying healthy.  

~Gay Turner

As an ayurvedic practitioner i can always rely on Garry & Sun to provide:

  • Prompt responses regarding product inquiry.
  • Input about herbs & usages if i have a client with special needs.
  • Fast delivery and reliable product quality.

I give Garry & Sun 5 stars!!!

Thank you,

Monica Yearwood

I am an Ayurveda Practitioner and have done excellent business with Gary in Garry & Suns! The promptness of response, the v respectful & warm approach by him & his staff, the easy guidance and above all the excellent packaging & quick delivery of clean & organized single herbs & compounded herbs is SUPERB! I recommend GARRY & SUNS TO EVERYONE HIGHLY!

I hope this testimonial is gd! Coz this is how I feel too!
Enjoy This Moment! :-)

Anu Butani

I am an Ayurveda Practitioner, and I predominantly use Garynsun products for my clientele base.  The quality of the herbs and oils are wonderful and effective.  The service and guidance I have received from Gary and the staff members has been incredibly helpful.  In my estimation, the relationship that has been cultivated with Garynsun, supports my practice and my ability to help many people in their healing pursuits. 

All my best in wishing health in abundance!!

~Karen Dubi

At Garry & Sun you will be taken care of in the best possible way. Everyone is very warm and accommodating, always answer any questions and address all of the concerns.  There is a large inventory of products that are no available anywhere else in the US. Upon request they can even get you products that are currently in their stock! Gary and Sunita and everyone else really care about their customers, quality of their products and science of Ayurveda. Big hearts! Thank you for being here and for your amazing work!


I have done business with Garry & Sun for more then 12 years. Gary and his staff have always been most helpful in providing information and advice about both health and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine. They specialize in the field of Ayurveda The Science of Life and have a broad range of information that has been helpful to all their clients. Their work and devotion bring in superior quality herbs from India which  attributes to their continued success in the holistic and therapeutic world of health. I wish them much success in their business and the spreading of Ayurveda and it's benefits.

With Deep Devotion & Success to Gary & Sunita with Garry & Sun!


Karen Hairfield

Garry & Sun were very helpful when I first began having health problems and I still take some of their supplements which are excellent. I really enjoy doing business with them and am grateful for all the help they have given me

Louise Abdallah

Hi Gary , a nice lady from your office called, sorry I have been in the "weeds" two weekends of family entertaining . Also deadlines for continuing education and liscensure renewal. So I have liked the tabs for sleep ( jatamanshi ?) So will be back with you soon for an order, still would like to get more of rasyana prash and the amla oil is divine.

cheers Laura

Hi Gary,
I like your product it is effective and potent, 2 important facts for me. Good stuff, Gary!

In the future I like to get Holy Basil, Thriphala, Medohar yog, Rasayana yog, Hridya Yog and I also need the best treatment for eczema.

Thanks again


i'm very satisfied with your product and service, thank you. May 2009 be a prosperous and healthy year to you,

Thank you Gary for your loving kindness, generosity of spirit and of course wonderful, beneficial Ayurvedic counsel.  We send you our prayer for your continued success, abundance
and well being for your family and business.  Your support on our journey to wellness is deeply appreciated.  May the blessings you extend be returned a thousandfold.
I'll be in touch soon....
In gratitude,

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your email.  I do love the Jatamansi tablets, as they really help me sleep better. Thank you for following up. I hope you are doing well.  Please send my best wishes to Gary.

Best regards,

Dear Karen,
I received your phone message and yes I'm doing well with the Triphala and tri-dosha oil.  My client's love the oil and I gave myself two great basti's.  I'm hopeing i could put an order in soon for the black salt and some more oil.
Barry Cooper, LMT

Hi Karen !

Thanks for your email! I am so delighted and impressed with your company's customer oriented focus . A few weeks back, I spoke extensively with Mr. Grewal who was extremely kind in sharing his knowledge with me.

Let me tell you my rationale behind ordering  the Amla Oil.  I am a 26 year old male, and I have had moderate dandruff almost my entire life . I have a very healthy diet from the last 3 years with lots of steamed and lightly cooked vegetables, fruits, berries, brown rice, quinoa, and small amounts of raw dairy (milk, cheese) . I eat about 75 - 80 % organic food . Recently, I have noticed slight thinning of my hair (especially in the right temple area) and also my hair line is receding a very small amount in the front.

It is both for the dandruff and the hair loss issues that I ordered the Amla Oil, in the hopes it might help.  As for the Amla Oil, I love its quality - its obvious to me its a high quality product. It has a deep, natural, herbal smell and texture. I have used it about 5 times so far, so its too soon for me to say what effect it has .  One thing I've noticed is that no matter what oil I use on my head (be it organic coconut, sesame, olive , or even this Amla Oil) - IF I leave the oil on overnight, the next day my scalp is itchy and flaky .   (It seems I have a habit to scratch my head in my sleep, though I am not consciously aware of doing so) . BUT, if instead I just leave the Amla oil (or other oils) on during the day and shampoo out , then my scalp does better .

So far, the Amla oil has done a nice job of moisturizing my scalp . I still find, however, that after a day or two, the scalp flakiness/dandruff returns. In that sense, there has not been much of a change.  Of course, I think I will need to use it for at least a few months to see how it works out.  I have tried many kinds of shampoos , all natural, without much effect.

Nonetheless, I am highly impressed with your professionalism and product quality, and I will DEFINITELY be ordering from you again.  Can you kindly email me some tips for remedies (internal or external) that might help with the initial stages of male pattern baldness? Mr. Grewal has recommended to me a combination of amla powder, gokshure, and bhringraj powder , to be taken internally . (I am a Pitta dominant / Vatta subtype, based on Mr. Grewal's analysis of me over the phone)

I am planning on ordering the above powders and the Chaywanparash from your store very soon. But I would highly appreciate any other suggestions you might have , especially for products from your store for which you have had lot of success with helping hair health and hair growth in men .

Thank you so much for your kindness!!!! I plan to be a customer of yours for life.

Please convey my sincere gratitude to respected Mr. Grewal .

Gunjan, USA

Dear Garry and Elvis,
I recently had the privilege of trying your herbal face pack. My skin is naturally very oily and I have constant breakouts due to this. After just one application of your face pack I had an immediate improvement in in the oily-ness of my skin. One week late I used this product again. When I rinsed my face I couldn't believe how wonderful it looked ! My skin was flawless ! There were no blemishes. My skin is no longer blotchy. It is porcelain smooth and clear ! I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product. Thank you.
      - Deborah Pike

Dear Dr. Kotecha,
Hello doctor, how are you this morning? I hope that you had a good trip back to India. My name is Mellisa. I was your model for the Ayurveda hair care class in Tempe, Arizona USA. I am writing to thank you for letting my sister and I be your models. My sister's skin is smooth and beautiful and the treatment that you gave me seems to have brightened the red in my hair (would it be the Henna that brightened the red? it is beautiful, soft and shiny and I love it.
Thank you again. Have a good day.
- Melissa

Dear Garry,
Please convey my thanks to Elvis for introducing me to your facial mask. I have tried it, and it is a very pleasant product. Very cooling as it dries in place, followed by a mild tightening sensation, which left my skin feeling and looking refreshed.
My very best regards.
- Fannie

Hi Elvis ,
recently ,a friend surprised me with a gift of Ruh-Booty, the packaging was great but what is it? when unscrewed the quaint bottle I found Ruh-Booty to be the best aromatherapy scent I have ever smelled. Owning a store that carries unique and natural items. I contacted the distributors and was pleased to find they carry many natural aids of which I have tried two: Rasahayanarash and the Herba Face mask both of which are no less than wonderful. I now carry these items proudly in my store and look forward to bringing in more of these "Ruh-Booty-ful" products...
 - Johnna

Dear Elvis,
I am enjoying the tonic and the aromatherapy. I have seen improvement in reduction of nasal congestion and fluid in the ears. My hearing has improved and I am slowly beginning to regain my sense of smell and taste. The plus here is that since I can somewhat smell and taste food, my appetite has improved ! I was prone to eating only when my stomach growled, having no appetite and little ability to to digest my food well. As you can see, the results have been astonishing to me, relative to the length of time I have lost these important senses. I hope when I fully regain the sense of smell, I can fully enjoy the aromatherapy. The tonic is a blessing and I have given samples to my elderly father who will be 87 years old. He is been having problems with weakness and his kidneys. I will followup with him to see if he has been taking the samples as he promised. If he begins to see results, like me, he will surely take the tonic religiously, and I will place an order for him and myself very soon. Thank you for your kind assistance and wonderful aromatherapy and tonic samples. Sincerely.
                            - Mary Lee

Dear Sir,
I was quite impressed with two of your products. I think you are right to focus marketing efforts on Rasayanaprash and Ruh-booty. They do stand out from the crowd. I was happy to get another sample of these two products from you in the mail. I plan to make an order in the near future. Again thanks for the sample. Sincerely,
     - Stephen Becker

Hallo Mr. Garry and Elvis,
Thanks you for reply on Moong. Well guys, I do not know what is happening. But it is very-very interesting. The bowels evacuated all day, in small comfortable amounts. These are signs of cleansing which I will not get details about. The most interesting thing is that is like a perestalsis, something I have not had in decade or more. This wasting syndromes of mine dose not know that is perestalsis anymore. I either have very fast or incredibly slow. I have a good hunch that is the Triphala of yours. Could it be the kidney herb. I do not think so but any thing is possible. I think that I will refuse the previous Triphala products that I was taking previously. As a back-up when I ordered yours 3 bottles of the other Triphala that I was taking before. This other one was black fine powder, and definitely did not have such good results. The stools are bulky with no diarrhea. Amazing... keep you posted.
 - Poul Beaulieu

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Original Review:

I have been doing business with Garry for about 10 years and have found him to be a wonderful source of information on herbs. Garry has recommended several different herbs to me over the years which have been quite beneficial to my health. Garry and his staff have always been very pleasant to deal with and they have always been very timely in shipping my orders. I am in Albuquerque, Nm and Garry usually has my orders to me within 2 to 3 days. I highly recommend Garry and Sun as a wonderful source for herbs and information.

reviews from Pete Martin New Mexico  on 05/25/2016


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