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Seasonal Detox Kit (30% OFF)

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Do you know why detox will help you achieve a healthy, vibrant body that feels and looks good more effectively than any conventional diet plan? Because most of your unhealthy weight gain, chronic diseases, and unpleasant symptoms are caused by toxic build-up in your body.

If you've been eating from the modern western food supply, you've already gobbled up tons of toxins in your diet, and, as a modern human, you've also been exposed to vast amounts of harmful toxic chemicals in the air you breathe and the water you drink.

The daily regimen of the ideal lifestyle in an ayurvedic way includes certain habits. This includes cleaning the teeth with natural neem stem and cleaning the tongue using a copper tongue cleaner. Neem being bitter and anti-microbial, helps to clean the oral cavity and teeth. It gets rid of excess accumulated Kapha. The copper tongue cleaner scrapes off the abnormal layer of dosha over the tongue. This is necessary for oral hygiene and GI health. 

The natural urges must be obeyed when they are generated. In case of constipation or incomplete elimination of mala, there are many disturbances. Hence for detoxification of bowels, natural laxatives are useful, such as Triphala powder. 

The daily regimen also includes taking abhyanga with sesame oil or season-wise beneficial Ayurvedic medicated oils. Abhyanga strengthens the skin, muscles, and tendons. It gives the skin a good complexion and moisture, which it needs. 

Due to incorrect methods of food consumption, and junk food, there is a need to detoxify the AMA, i.e., toxins. Avipattikar powder helps in correcting the issues of the digestive system. Castor oil may be used as a detox laxative by those who get constipated and suffer from joint pain.

Instructions will be available in the kit when sent.

All Natural Detox Kit includes
  • Ready to prepare 4¬†Khichari¬†bags (Each: 4 to 5 servings) 2 to 3¬† times a day.

  • Ayurvedic Golden Ghee 16 oz¬†(Nourishes Tissues and Cells) 1 tsp. in food every day.

  • Pachak Tea¬†(Promotes Healthy Digestion) every day.

  • Tongue Cleaner¬†(Eliminate bacteria and bad breath ) every morning.

  • Tridosha or Body Type Oil¬†( Massage and tones The body) light massage once every day.

  • Anu/Nasya Oil¬†(Cleans Sinuses) 2 drops in each nostril once a day.
  • Castor Oil¬†4 oz bottle.

  • Triphala 120¬†count Capsules (Mild Laxative) 2 capsules at night with warm water.

  • Avipattikar¬†120 count Tablets ( Relief Gas and bloating) 2 tablets before every meal.

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