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Neem Sticks 10 per pack

Neem Sticks 10 per pack
Neem Sticks 10 per pack
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Neem Sticks 10 per pack

For a proper neem toothbrush you need a young, flexible branch of a neem tree, about 15 to 20 cm long, and 15 to 20 mm thick. Such a twig won't have a real bark, just a thin skin. Peel that skin off.

Now chew one end of the stick. All the fibres will separate and the end will turn into a little brush.

The process of chewing the twig is already helpful. It releases the beneficial ingredients in neem that kill harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, and stop bacteria and plaque from sticking to your teeth.

Using The Neem Toothbrush

Then that brush is used to rub over all the sides of all teeth. Be careful not to injure the gums in the process. This is the part where you actually clean the teeth.

In the end you just spit out all the little bits of neem fibre. It doesn't taste real nice, by the way. Bitter.

The neem toothbrush is disposable, meant to be used only once. After cleaning the teeth the neem stick is split in half, and one end is bent into a U-shape and used as a tongue cleaner.

Removing the soft plaque from the anaerobic back of the tongue also makes a big difference in overall oral hygiene and levels of harmful bacteria, so don't overlook this aspect of using the neem toothbrush.

There you go, that's how you make and use a neem toothbrush the traditional way. I certainly believe that this traditional way of cleaning the teeth and the tongue is as least as effective as our modern methods.

Neem is not the only tree that is used in India for toothbrushes. In fact, different wood is recommended for different types of people and conditions. There is also a caveat: it is not recommended that you use a neem stick like that if you suffer from nausea, indigestion or a cough.

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