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Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy

Feb. 4-9, 2024
Garry N Sun HQ

This 6 day training provides you the skills you need to go home and offer some of the most profound therapies your clients will ever experience. Century after century, these therapies prove to be unparalleled in their capacity to ameliorate what ails people most. Learning these treatments gives what few others can provide: deep transformative experiences addressing the underlying causes of mental and physical imbalances.

Schedule for training:
9:00 am class begins promptly
12:00 break for lunch
1:00 afternoon session
4:30 class ends
Snacks and tea provided

DAY 1-3: Abhyanga: the traditional 4 hand massage. This dynamic and beautifully choreographed sequence addresses Vata dosha, all sub-dosha of Vata and rasa dhatu. ( Lymphatic system) Using medicated oils, this treatment provides deep tissue lubrication, systemic balance, addresses issues related to lymphatic movement, reduces inflammation, rejuvenates all 7 layers of tissue in the body. We will work in teams of three allowing each student to both give and receive. It's important to experience the uniqueness and impact of htis masssage.

DAY 4: SHIRODHARA + SWEDHANA: Shirodhara is widely considered to be the Queen of all ayurvedic therapies. Warm oil poured continuously over the forehead brings coherence to the 2 hemispheres of the brain, reduces anxiety, insomnia, depression, pitta related frustration and intensity and so much more. There is simply no other treatment than can do what shirodhara does and you will get to experience for yourself. Prepare to bliss out.
Following Shirodhara, full body herbal steam, Swedhana is given to cleint to allow medicated oil to penetrate more deeply, soften and relax connective tissue and to refresh the mind following the oil therapies.

DAY 5-6: All three therapies come together here as Bliss Therapy. We continue to refine your technique, work in partnership, learn how to seamlessly transition from one treatment to the next. I have expanded this trainng to 6 days ensuring you leave the class more confident, more skillful and ready to lead your own team when you return home.

First day we will review basic Ayurvedic principles, how and why these treatments are different and profound. Q and A sessions start us off before and after classes. Because this is 6 day training, there will be ample time for questions and multiple demonstrations throughout each class.

Training manual provided.
All oils and equipment will be provided. While on-site, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the products available to you for these therapies. We will cover what is best to use for each type of client.

* No phones allowed in treatment room * No perfumes or other synthetic fragrances in body care products in treatment room

I understand that I will have to pay $1250.00 upon registration.
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