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Greetings from Fargo ND... I hope you enjoyed your visit here! I had a great time chatting with you, plus I know many others also appreciate that you and Dr. Rajesh were willing to travel all the way to ND. I think it's just fantastic that I got to meet the man who puts so much love and care into my herbs. I am so grateful for what you do. Please know that!

(P.S) We are really hoping we can lure you back in the future!
Amy Meidinger
I heard a lot of people talking about this product, but never really looked into it because I didn't understand the product's name. I was given a sample of golden ghee and used it to cook my rice in, which had a fantastic taste. I also used it on my face after my daily wash. I felt fresh and had a clean look and in fact I didn't see any blemishes. My face felt so soft afterward. I will be repurchasing this again. The video they had on display truly helped me understand the product better. Thank you, Garry and Sunita!
Monay Castillo
I would highly recommend Shilajit paste !! This is one of my most favorite product from Garry N Sun, this has helped me in so many ways, especially with being sexually active. It’s a MUST !!! Don't wait, put this in your cart now !
Juan Nolasco
What a great product for your hair !! I have been searching for so many ways to grow out my hair and been using so many products to help my hair grow longer. This special amla oil has not only grew my hair out, but made it grow back thicker leaving it so soft & shiny! I have to buy more, thank you Garry N Sun for this beautifully made product .. I can’t wait to let my sister try it too :)
Desiray Castillo
I have been using the Kumkumadi oil, Sesame oil as a cleanser, and the Aloe vera gold gel as a protocol for the past year. This protocol was recommended to me by my Ayurvedic practitioner to improve my skin and prevent aging. Last week I went to my dermatologist and he was so impressed with my skin and asked me what I have been using. I love Gary N Sun products and they have great customer service. Thank you for making these products available.

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