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Who We Are

An Ayurvedic Healing Herb Company - Garry N Sun was started by Mr. Malkiat (Gary) Grewal, in 1999, in "The Biggest Little City" of Reno, Nevada. We began our journey with one product, the "Ruh Booty", and a pocket full of dreams. The natural aroma of sandalwood and a unique blend of herbs was liked and appreciated, kickstarting our journey into Ayurveda's holistic and natural path.

Through the years, we have worked rigorously to ensure the best practices in the process we follow in quality control for our products, the services we provide our customers, and the practitioners we have been working with for the last two decades.

Garry N Sun's Journey

Garry N Sun has been in the business for over 2 decades in the USA market. We have been supplying to the retail and wholesale markets in the Northern American belt, making us the leading ayurvedic product supplier in the region.
Garry N Sun Historic Timeline

Garry N Sun's Mission Statement

Garry N Sun's mission is to always keeps their valued customers and their overall health FIRST. We offer the highest quality Ayurvedic products which are deeply researched & promptly delivered with pride, authenticity & backed by extensive knowledge. We are associated with renowned doctors from India & USA and offer consultations across the USA.

Our Promise

Garry N Sun's Promise

Garry N Sun always strives to bring the most authentic and safest of products to you.

At Garry N Sun, Quality and Prana Matter.

Our Partnerships

One of the most significant milestones for Garry N Sun is the coming together of two very strong, like-minded, and driven businessmen - Gary and Dr. Rajesh Kotecha. Inspiring each other to work towards bringing the Ayurvedic ways and practice to the USA, with their hard work and diligence, Garry N Sun has since strived to bring the knowledge of Ayurveda, its products, and its healing powers to the people. Their partnership and friendship have only grown with the success and growth of the business over the many years together. The biannual trips that Gary and Rajesh Kotecha have been going to different parts of the USA, have enabled us to spread and share the incredible knowledge of Ayurveda and help communities adopt the best practices to lead healthy lives. Over the years, we have had professionals like Dr. Meenal Lad, Dr. Kamini Kaushal, Dr. Meenakshi Joshi, and many other Ayurvedic Doctors visit us from India to consult with our valued clients and help us to promote Ayurveda. 

On this journey, Gary is joined by his wife Sunita and his sons Gaurav and  Saurav. Together with the support of the family and the fantastic long-time support of our clients, hard-working employees, and the Ayurvedic Institutes and Colleges - Garry N Sun is today a well-known brand in the US market and will soon see us expanding into other countries and opportunities.

Our Contributions


What Products Do Garry N Sun Offer?

Garry N Sun showcases an assortment of over 1500+ Ayurvedic products such as herbsteas and tonics, dietary supplements (tablets & capsules), beauty products, prash & food (khichari & ghee), ayurvedic tools and classically prepared oils & ointments - you can check our Ayurvedic Blog, or Product of the Month sometime for some exciting and healthy food tips.

We offer a FREE online consultation, so you are welcome to book your consultation on our website and learn about your body type and what is best for your overall health and well-being. 

Are you a wholesale distributor or have a retail store and are interested in showcasing our products in the U.S.A. and Canadian markets? Get in touch with us for more information.

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Gary, Sunita, and the team at Garry N Sun are always ready to answer your questions and guide you. Feel free to email us your questions and share your thoughts.

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