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Who We Are

An Ayurvedic Healing Herb Company - Garry N Sun was started by Mr. Malkiat (Gary) Grewal, in 1999, in "The Biggest Little City" of Reno, Nevada. We began our journey with one product, the "Ruh Booty", and a pocket full of dreams. The natural aroma of sandalwood and a unique blend of herbs was liked and appreciated, kickstarting our journey into Ayurveda's holistic and natural path.

Through the years, we have worked rigorously to ensure the best practices in the process we follow in quality control for our products, the services we provide our customers, and the practitioners we have been working with for the last two decades.

Free Consultation

We provide free online consultation to those who desire to get rid from the medicines of chemical origin and want reliable & safe herbal therapies with no obligation to us. To register for this service, one has to send all the details of complaints with history of treatment taken by sending us a message. Our only expectation is to suggest our site to your nears and dears for taking advantage of this free service to the man kind.

We get too many requests for consultation. Every query is being processed manually by our Ayurveda physicians. So one has to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for his / her turn to get the reply on his / her consultation request.

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