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How to Recognize and Deal with Your Six Pitta Characteristics

How to Recognize and Deal with Your Six Pitta Characteristics

You may not know it, but you are probably one of the most complex humans on Earth. You have so many different characteristics and traits that there is almost no way for you to be boring. It’s because of this complexity that we are also prone to having our own unique challenges with how we see ourselves and the world around us. One of the most misunderstood chakra is the Pitta. Many people don’t fully realize what this chakra represents, which makes it more difficult for them to know how to deal with their pitta characteristics when they arise.

Fortunately, by reading this blog post, you now have a much better understanding of what pitta means to you as a person and how it can influence your life in many positive ways if you give it the attention it needs. Here is everything you need to know about pitta and how you can recognize if your prakrutika pitta (or subtype) is giving you any trouble right now…

What is Pitta?

The pitta dosha is one of the three doshas in Ayurveda, which is the traditional Indian medical system that has been practiced for thousands of years. The doshas are a classification system for understanding how different people relate to each other and the world around them. They are believed to control your general mood and health, as well as your personality traits. Simply speaking, pitta represents fire or energy. This dosha is responsible for your digestion, metabolism, and all of your internal fires that keep you alive and moving. The pitta dosha is one of the most active of the three doshas, which is why people who have an excess pitta in their bodies tend to be very fiery, vibrant, and energetic.

Recognizing the 6 Pitta Characteristics

If you have a lot of pitta dosha in your body, you likely experience the following characteristics on a consistent basis. These are the 6 pitta characteristics that you need to be aware of and be careful not to overdo. If you feel any of these signs of pitta being out of balance in your life, you can work to bring your pitta back into its optimal state.

1. Pitta Has an Inflamed Mind

If you have pitta an imbalance, you may find that you get angry or frustrated easily, or that you’re easily agitated by the actions of others. This can make it hard for you to maintain and control your emotions or stay focused on tasks that require a lot of concentration.

2. Pitta Has a Sensitive Digestive System

When your pitta dosha is out of balance, your digestive system can become overactive, leading to symptoms such as excess gas, irregular bowel movements, acid reflux, cramping, or even ulcers. Pay attention to how your digestion is feeling and make sure you’re regularly eating foods that calm your pitta and keeping it balanced so that you stay healthy.

3. Pitta Has an Increased Metabolic Rate

One of the best pitta characteristics is that your metabolism is probably very strong. You’re likely able to digest your food quickly and efficiently, and as a result, you probably have a fairly high body temperature as well. This is all normal for pitta and is one of the reasons why pitta people are often more fit than others.

4. Pitta Has a Risk of Overexertion

When you have pitta in your body that’s out of balance, you are more likely to push yourself too far both mentally and physically. This can cause you to experience everything from stress and anxiety to extreme fatigue, digestive issues, and even skin conditions like acne.

5. Pitta Has a High Metabolism

Another potential positive of having a strong pitta dosha is that you’re likely able to burn calories more quickly than other people. This is great for weight loss, but only if you’re careful to eat the right foods to keep your pitta in balance.

6. Pitta Has a Reliance on External Mood Boosters

When pitta is out of balance, you may find that you find yourself relying on things like coffee, caffeine, alcohol, or sugar to give yourself a boost in your mood, energy levels, or even concentration. These are quick fixes that don’t last long, and they can actually make your pitta worse overtime.

How to balance Pitta Characteristics

If you recognize any of these 6 pitta characteristics in your daily life, you likely have a pitta dosha that is out of balance. This can be really challenging to deal with, but it is also something that is easy to remedy with a bit of attention to your health and lifestyle. The following tips will help you to bring your pitta back into balance and feel like yourself again.

1. Eat Cooling Foods

One of the best ways to bring down your pitta is to eat cooling foods. This is one of the fundamental ways that Ayurvedic medicine recommends to balance pitta: pitta people should eat cooling foods to remain balanced. These foods include things like cucumber, lettuce, watermelon, apples, and pears. You can also regularly eat a cooling diet that is high in pitta-reducing foods like turmeric, coconut, and yogurt.

2. Reduce Your Intake of Spicy and Hot Foods

The most common mistakes that pitta people make is that they assume that eating spicy foods will help to activate their pitta and make them feel more energized, passionate, and hot. However, this is not what happens at all. In fact, eating spicy or hot foods actually creates an imbalance in your pitta and can worsen any pitta symptoms that you might currently be experiencing. Avoiding excess amounts of red pepper, jalapeno, and cayenne pepper can help you to reduce your pitta and bring yourself back into balance.

3. Wear Cool and Light Colored Clothing

Some colors are particularly helpful for balancing pitta. Cool colors like blue and purple naturally help your body to calm down. Light colored clothing like white, blue, and yellow are especially helpful in balancing your pitta. So when you’re feeling pitta-ish, avoid wearing red and try to only wear light colored clothing instead.

4. Do Breathing Exercises

You may have heard that breathing exercises are helpful for regulating your mood and staying calm. Well, these same types of exercises can also help to balance your pitta dosha. If you’re feeling pitta-ish, try doing some breathing exercises to help yourself to calm down and bring your pitta back into balance.


You are more likely to experience these signs of pitta being out of balance at some point in your life. Fortunately, bringing your pitta back into balance is very easy to do. All that you need to do is eat cooling foods, avoid spicy and hot foods, wear light colored clothing, and regularly practice breathing exercises.

We hope this article highlights all the information you need to know about Pitta Dosha and help you build a better lifestyle.

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