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The Power Of Nature - How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

The Power Of Nature - How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Immunity is the body’s power and defense mechanism to take down any foreign invasion in the body like bacteria, viruses, infections and protect it from diseases. The immunity is one such power which remembers the previous invasions and is ready to tackle it even before it presents its symptoms. This makes it unique.

In recent times, everyone around the world is aware of the term Immunity. Thanks to the pandemic; people are aware about it and cautious about the health of near and dear ones. 

In this article you will read about, The Power Of Nature - How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System, as below:

  • The Power of Nature - Ayurveda's Definition Of Immunity
  • The Concept Of Agni (Digestive Fire)
  • How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System
  • Herbs To Help Strengthen Your Immunity

    The Power of Nature - Ayurveda's Definition Of Immunity

    Immunity in Ayurveda is defined as Vyadhikshamatva which means the inherent ability of the body to provide protection against diseases.

    Vyadhikshamatva differs from one person to another since everyone has a different body constitution and so is the susceptibility towards the infections and diseases. Vyadhikshamatva restrict progress of disease and prevent  reoccurrence.

    The factors affecting the immunity of the person are Agni (Digestive fire), Ahara (Dietary habits), Oja (the essence of our body tissues), Vihara (Daily conducts), seasonal changes. 

    The Concept Of Agni (Digestive Fire)

    The food we eat gets digested with the help of Jatharagni i.e., digestive fire forms the rasa dhatu, the first tissue of the body. The rasa dhatu provides nourishment to the tissues, provides energy, and builds immunity. The tissues are nourished one after the other and the essence of these tissues is called Oja. 

    When the digestive fire weakens the food remains undigested and leads to the production of toxins called Ama. It clogs the internal channels due to which the nutrition to tissues and formation of Oja is depleted thus lowering the immunity of the body and increasing the chances of falling sick.

    What is OJA?

    The Oja is vigor, vitality, strength, and the immunity of the body. It pervades all over the body; it gives life and control strength as  well as energy, thus  improves  immunity. The conditions like weak digestive fire, emotions like Anger, worry, excessive physical exertion leads to depletion of Oja.

    Ayurveda emphasizes on the Dinacharya (Daily regimen) for the nourishment of both the physical body, the calmness of the mind and control of the emotions.

    Ahara (Dietary Conducts) 

    The food we consume forms the basis of life, energy, and immunity. The food must be warm, freshly prepared. Seasonal vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. 

    Avoid preserved, instant foods, and consumption of milk with foods to keep the digestive fire strong. 

    Vihar (Daily Conducts)

    The activities we perform on a daily basis impacts us like exercising benefits us but activities like staying up late till night, watching screens for longer duration, not changing the posture are not good for a healthy mind and body. It ultimately leads to imbalances and low immunity.

    Seasonal change

    Our body takes time to adapt to climate when a season changes, a seasonal regimen (Ritucharya) needs to be followed for easy transition into the next season to avoid getting sick. Generally cold, cough and flu like conditions are prevalent, this is when the diet, daily activities need to be altered accordingly.   

    How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

    A Balanced Diet 

    • A balanced diet is essential which includes fruits, vegetables, milk, ghee, water intake. One must eat when hungry, and maintain a standard time for having meals.
    • Include pulses in the food such as green gram which is highly nutritious, is a source of protein and light for digestion.
    • Fruits like apples, oranges, berries, grapes, sweet lime, and citrus fruits contain vitamin C that helps to strengthen the immune system.
    • Milk is considered as the whole food and should be included at one time of the day. It can be easily digested when taken with a pinch of dry ginger powder in a cup of milk. A combination of milk with turmeric helps to keep warm in winters and helps in relieving cold and cough.
    • Spices are the best natural herbs found in the kitchen, and must be used in winters to keep warm. Dry ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, and clove have properties to boost immunity.
    •  Avoid foods which are highly processed, overeating, binge eating even after having proper meals.

    Daily conduct

    • Daily regimen described by the acharyas in ancient times is applicable even today which includes various activities to be performed for a healthy mind and body.
    • Waking up early in the morning, clearing bowels, brushing, scraping of the tongue, oil pulling, application of oil in ear, head and body (Abhyanga), instilling oil in the nostril (Nasya), exercising, taking bath with warm water.
    • Following the activities mentioned in daily regimen helps to set the body in a rhythmic routine which eventually contributes to the positive health status of the body.

    Herbs To Help Strengthen Your Immunity

    Dry Ginger

    • It is known as the universal medicine and is specially used for digestive disorder and inflammatory conditions. 
    • It is an effective stimulant and aids in digestion thus removing toxins produced in the body, it strengthens the immune system by igniting the digestive fire.
    • External application of fine powder of Dry ginger with oil is useful in hypothermia and headaches due to cold.


    • It is bitter in taste and thus aids in the process of digestion, removes toxins from the body and helps in strengthening the immune system. [check out Guduchi powder]


    • The fruits are highly nutritious and an important dietary source of vitamin C. It contributes to the nourishment of the tissues of the body and contributes to the health of an individual. 
    • Amalaki fruit possesses antioxidant properties which promotes growth, rejuvenates the tissues, builds Ojas (bodily strength, vigor, energy, ability) to support a healthy immune response.
    •  Amla can be eaten as raw fruit, or in the form of juice.It is the best rasayana i.e., the one that rejuvenates the tissues- amalaki rasayan tablets must be consumed early in the morning to have maximum benefits.
    • One such polyherbal combination has rejuvenating properties and should be consumed regularly for a healthy body is triphala powder- combination of amla, haritaki and bibhitaki in equal quantity.

    By incorporating these natural strategies into your daily routine, you can help to keep your immune system strong and healthy. This, in turn, can help to protect you from illness and disease, and promote overall wellness and vitality.

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