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Bala Organic Powder (Sida cordifolia)


Botanical name: Sida cordifolia
English name: Country mallow

Product Details:

Scientific Name: Sida Cordifolia

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda knowledge makes it possible to understand how to balance the body, mind, and consciousness.

Bala Powder comes with a high-quality Bala in the form of powder. Bala, which means "strength," is a popular Ayurvedic herb. Bala Powder is best formulated with pure Sida Cordifolia extract. Bala Powder aids in maintaining the body's overall health, immunity, and energy level.

Our Bala Powder is 100% pure and contains all the above nutrients to support many health conditions. Vegetarians and vegans can consume this product because it has no animal products.

Key Benefits:

  • Bala Powder helps muscle tone by supporting the protection of muscle fibers.
  • Promotes joint and muscle mobility by assisting with joint lubrication and preventing minor joint inflammation.
  • The topical application promotes skin health by supplying essential nutrients for newly formed cells and tissues.
  • It also aids the body's natural healing process.
  • Bala aids in weight management by suppressing excessive appetite and decreasing the desire to overeat.
  • Helps manage blood glucose levels.
  • Improves immunity due to its rejuvenating properties.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, Bala is used for reducing wound and eye inflammation.


Bala has a cooling effect on the body as it aids in balancing all three doshas Pitta, Vata, and Kapha.

How to Use Bala:

With a combination of all-natural ingredients, the herbal powder of Bala is easy to consume and digest. Usually, we recommend you to take 1 Teaspoon (2-3 gm) of Bala Powder with lukewarm water or warm milk twice a day for best results or as directed by your health practitioner. Store it in a cool and dry place. 


  • Children and Individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before taking this Bala Powder.
  • Avoid using Bala Powder if you are Pregnant and/or Breast Feeding.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Bala contains ephedrine, and excessive use may result in the following side effects: Insomnia, Anxiety, Nervousness, and High Blood pressure.


Recommendations, suggestions, or information shared on this website are only for the purposes of knowledge. At no time the above-shared information supersedes the advice of your general health care practitioner or doctor.  Always take the advice of your doctor before start taking any herbs. It’s also wise to check the labels of your prescription drugs and see if any suggested herbs are not contraindicated to your prescription.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Does not contain: yeast, wheat, eggs, gluten, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavors, agave, artificial preservatives, and salicylates.

Suggested Use

One teaspoon twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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