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Haridrakhand Capsules



Haridrakhand is among the most recognized and significantly effective supplements in Ayurveda for allergies. The primary ingredient of this product is turmeric. Haridrankhand capsules are widely used in the treatment of skin issues. It also supports improvement in the quality and complexion of the skin.

● It is effective in skin allergies and infections
● It is used as an antioxidant complement in diabetes.
● It improves beauty and face care

Ayurvedic properties of Haridrakhand Capsules

Haridra (Curcuma longa): Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiseptic, and blood
Pippli (Piper longum): Serves to maintain a healthy respiratory system.
Vidanga (Embelia ribes): The herb used to treat constipation has laxative properties.
Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea): It is used to help various ailments like migraines, vomiting,
fever, and urinary tract issues.

Benefits of Haridrakhand Capsules

This product is a broadly trusted remedy for allergies. Haridrakhand capsule has turmeric's natural benefits combined with other herbal extracts. This product helps clean toxic elements in the body.

Apart from this, some of the main benefits of this product are –

Pain reduction: Curcumin is one of the practical active elements of turmeric that is
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it helps in the reduction of pain.
Improvement in skin: This product is the best remedy for allergy care. The anti-
the inflammatory feature supports the reduction of swelling and provides relief to the skin
from within.
For face care: Because of the antibacterial impact, this product supports.
superb skin through decreasing acne, scars, and dark spots. Its properties, such as
skin-lightening, provide support for pigmentation.
Reduce airway problems: This product supports the reduction of airway issues and
cures Asthma situations.
Heal wounds: Its antioxidant property supports in prevention and growth of bacteria
and consequently leads to healing in wounds quickly.

Suggested use of Haridrakhand Capsules

● One or two capsules daily or as guided by a health practitioner.
● Read the caution carefully before use
● Store in a cool and dry place
● It should be avoided during pregnancy or used only if prescribed by medical experts.

Side effects of Haridrakhand Capsules

This product is significantly beneficial, but its excessive use may assist side effects like-

● Increases body heat.
● Increases urination.

Haridrakhand capsule is the best Ayurveda and herbal medicine used for skin issues. It is remarkably effective in urticarial and skin disorders characterized by skin rashes. This product is also very vital in addressing skin infections. To get significant benefits, purchase the product from us.

If you want to know more, contact us or visit our website.
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