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Karpooradi Oil



Karpuradi oil is a medicated oil used to relieve pain and Inflammation


It is used in the treatment of rheumatism, muscle pain and cramps. It is used to apply locally to the chest as it helps relieve congestion and eases breathing difficulties.


  • Karpur (camphor) 
  • Natural Sesame oil as base


Heat the sesame oil. Break the camphor in small pieces and tie it in a cotton cloth. When oil is heated completely then place this cotton cloth in oil. Keep it as such till whole camphor dissolves in oil.Filter the oil and store it.


Warm oil if desired. Apply to the full body,massaging until the oil is mostly absorbed.Generally, 2 ounces is sufficient for a full body massage, though you may choose to use moreor less.


Due to the individual nature of the humanbody's response to natural

ingredients andaromas, it is recommended that the user doa spot test of the oil before applying it to theskin in large amounts. If you experience many adverse reactions, wash off the oil withsoap and warm water and discontinue use.

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