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Mahakshirbala Oil



Mahakshirabala oil stimulates, revives, and calms the nerves to support normal functioning, which supports a healthy nervous system. Bala is the main ingredient, with sesame oil serving as the base.

Often used in Ayurvedic therapies, this powerful combination offers numerous advantages for the body and mind. It aids the body in producing healthy immune function against sporadic inflammation and additional external sources of stress that have a negative impact on our health.

It balances the Vata and pitta doshas and aids in the treatment of Vata and pitta conditions affecting the muscle fibers, joints, and nervous system.

‚óŹ Reduces anxiety and stress.
‚óŹ It soothes the senses, promotes relaxation, and revitalizes the mind.
‚óŹ It supports natural lubrication for quick mobility and flexibility, which supports the
function of healthy joints.

Ayurvedic Properties of Mahakshirbala Oil

‚óŹ Bala(Sida cordifolia): This herb can be very beneficial for alleviating Vata dosha
and soothing your senses.
‚óŹ Sesame Oil: Sesame oil encourages restful sleep.

Benefits of Mahakshirbala Oil

Mahakshirabala oil is a therapeutic oil that is documented in the old Ayurvedic literature book. It treats various issues including neuro-muscular problems, arthritis, and other joint ailments can all be treated using its analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Following is an analysis that lists several advantages of the Mahakshirabala oil:

‚óŹ Goodbye to Restless Nights: The advantages of foot rubs (pada abhyanga) for
sound sleep has long been recognized by and utilized by Ayurveda. Mahakshirabala oil is the ideal oil for foot massages before bed to promote restful sleep.

‚óŹ Soothes the Senses: The soothing and calming Mahakshirabala oil seems to be
a pungent oil with, stabilising Bala, which would melt away stress and assist you
in unwinding and regenerating internally.

‚óŹ Regular Massage: Regular massage with the Mahakshirabala oil encourages a
healthy blood flow, which supports the proper functioning of the body's vital

‚óŹ Helps with Degenerative Problems: Mahakshirabala oil works
effectively in treating degenerative issues while nourishing and healing the affected area.

Suggested Use of Mahakshirbala Oil

If preferred, warm the oil. Apply all over your body and massage it until the oil is completely absorbed. Usually, 2 drops are enough for a full-body massage, but you are free to use more or less.


Before using a lot of the oil on the skin, it is advised that the user conduct a spot test due to the unique nature of how each person's body reacts to organic ingredients and aromas. If you encounter any negative effects, remove the oil with soap and hot water and stop using it.

Natural sesame oil as a base

Side Effects

The product is not known to have any negative side effects.

Mahakshirabala oil massages will enhance your sleep, refresh your mind, and awaken your senses, allowing you to think more clearly and be more effective in your work.
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  • Bala whole plant (Sida cordifolia)
  • Natural sesame oil as base.

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