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Pitta Khichari


Need a balanced meal that comes easy to prepare and is perfect for your dosha type? Try our khichari, a balanced, wholesome Ayurvedic meal. The user just adds water (as described on the package) and can add veggies to the finished mixture or eat it as is. Khichari for Pitta is a nutritious and healthy blend of Basmati rice, split Moong beans, and split Masoor dal with very light Pitta-balancing spices. It is a good breakfast dish but can also be used as a main dish at any time of day. It is good for the stomach and may also be used as a part of a diet for ill/sick people and infants.


-Basmati rice
-split Moong beans
-split Masoor dal
-Cumin seed
-Fennel seed
-Turmeric powder
-Rock salt
-Ghee (clarified butter oil)

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