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Super Man Gift Set


Super Man Gift Set

It's a bird, It's a plane... No! It's Superman! Like this superhero kit, we have created something unique for the Super Man in your life.

Our Super Man Gift Set contains:
Rasayana Prash tea (400 gms) - A herbal, caffeine free, drink for rejuvenation and as an immunity booster
Purush Fit capsules (120) - An overall Male health capsule
Shilajit tablets (120) - It energizes the body, increase sex drive, and are effective against sexually transmitted effects.
Vajikaran capsules (120) -  Has been known to support male reproduction health and to ensure a healthy progeny.
Sarvya Cream - Just a great, natural, manly moisturizer
Amber Musk Bar Soap (Free)

- Decorations in the image are not included
- Gifting Kits are only available while stocks last

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