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Tulsi Capsules


Botanical name: Ocimum sanctum 

Tulsi is known for its cooling, mellow flavor. The plant has green leaves, white-to-purplish blossoms, and a green or purplish stem. It is cultivated on the Indian plains as well as in private homes and gardens around India. Tulsi is known as "holy basil" because it is described in Ayurvedic texts as a goddess incarnate in plant form (the natural mother medicine) as well as being a pillar of holistic herbal medicine rituals. Tulsi is often worshiped at altars in the homes of traditional Hindus. It remains one of the most cherished of India's sacred healing plants. 


-100% Pure Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum

Suggested Use: 

One or two capsules twice a day or as directed by your health practitioner. 

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