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Beat the Heat with our Top 3 Cooling Ayurveda Herbs

Beat the Heat with our Top 3 Cooling Ayurveda Herbs

Nature has spread its offering all through the world with its bountiful herbs, imparting medicinal benefits. If you are one of the souls seeking a resort to beat the heat this summer, you have come to the right place!

Ayurveda beholds tons of ingredients that have soothing effects on your skin and body as a whole. From Tulsi and Coriander to Manjistha, these power-packed ingredients have been used since ancient times. While Tulsi is worshipped as a Goddess, Coriander and Manjistha are regarded as the treasure troves of cooling agents. Want to learn more about these gifts of nature and their multitude of offerings this summer? Read on to know more.

Ayurvedic Herbs to Keep it Cool in Summers

Tulsi- The Refreshing Ingredient for Summers

Also known as the elixir of life, Tulsi is a gift of mother nature native to India. Hindu families believe it to be the manifestation of the holy goddess, and hence they plant Tulsi in their courtyard to bring positivity and prosperity. From the branches to the leaves, each part of this holy plant has invigorating effects on your body to soothe various ailments during summer. Even though it has significant cooling properties, it is an excellent source to treat cough and cold too.

How to incorporate Tulsi for the best cooling effects?

Ocimum tenuiflorum, or the Holy Basil, is the best cooling agent you can regularly consume with milk or water as atea to level down your Pitta, which induces body heat. You can even pair it up with a spoon full of ghee and a little honey to add some sweetness and have it every morning to keep your immune system going. Guess what? Tulsi can be applied topically too! It is a great source for blemish-free skin and immensely strengthens hair. 

Simplify your regime with various Tulsi products

The simplest way to add this super ingredient to your regular life is by having one or two Tulsi Capsules every morning. It revitalizes your overall health while imparting its effect on your skin and hair. Tulsi Powder is also a great alternative to be used as a pack for skin or hai, especially during hot days. The edible Tulsi Powder can be consumed every day with a glass of warm water to boost immunity. Always remember to consult with your doctor before you add any supplements to your diet.

Coriander- Your Easy Ingredient to Win Over the Scorching Heat!

Dating back to 1500 B.C., the use of Coriander has been mentioned by prominent Greek physicians and Romans. With its diaphoretic properties, it is capable of lowering your body temperature by inducing perspiration. The aromatic spice is also used extensively in lip-smacking Indian recipes as it is a potent ingredient to fight inflammations and soothe your digestive tract. 

Best ways to add Coriander to your diet

Coriander makes a magical ingredient to be used in versatile ways. From lentils to soups, you can include this spectacular herb and take your culinary expertise to another level. Drinking coriander-infused water is an excellent metabolism booster. With that, add a sprinkle of the powder to your dishes and have it in any meal to eliminate digestive issues. 

Different Coriander products to battle out the summers

You have plenty of Coriander products available in the market, and Coriander whole seeds are the easiest to include in your diet as a daily morning refreshment. All you need to do is soak a teaspoon of seeds in a glass of water overnight, and you are good to go with the drink after filtering out the seeds. You can even opt for Coriander powder as a game-changer garnish for your pasta or cold salads. It is a fine choice as a marinade for cottage cheese barbeques. 

Manjistha- Ayurvedic Treasure for a Soothing Summer

Rubia cordifolia roots, or Manjistha, is a natural coolant often recommended as a blood purifier. It has a notable place in many Ayurvedic recipes and traditional medicines of China. Some Ayurvedic practitioners even consider Manjistha as the cold version of commonly used turmeric. This Pitta pacifying herb can be your daily dose of energy enhancer if you have Pitta Dosha. 

Adding Manjistha to your regime in the easiest way

If you face skin issues during the hot months, Manjistha Powder can be your safest savior. It is great for your acne-prone skin and helps subside blemishes. Consuming it is another option for soothing itchy skin rashes when the atmospheric mercury levels reach high. 

Manjistha products for cooling effects in no time!

Do you think that including Manjistha in your routine can be a time-taking process? To your surprise, it is not! Manjistha Capsules are readily available to keep your body cool. Take 1-2 capsules with breakfast, you can see their amazing effects on your body inside out. Manjistha Ghana Tablets can also be a fine alternative for the same. To see its action on your pimple and acne-prone skin, it is always wise to use the Manjistha Powder. Check with your practitioner before adding Manjistha to your daily regime.


Using these herbs should not be considered a replacement for any medicine. Before starting your regimen with these products, make sure to visit a healthcare professional. 


By harnessing the immense benefits of Tulsi, Coriander, and Manjistha, you can have a refreshing summer and win over the scorching heat. And to get the best quality herbal products, Garry N Sun is your one-stop solution. From multiple products of Tulsi, coriander, and Manjistha to unique oils, teas, and liquid extracts, you will find an array of Ayurvedic goodness with this trusted brand. Use the unique blends and go through a transformational journey with Garry N Sun. 

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